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Locally Sourced

Anyone could open a Deli that is committed to making sandwiches, but it takes even more commitment to be a Deli that strives to source local products of the highest quality for their sandwiches.  We wanted to share with you many of our suppliers that we have the honor of working with on a daily basis.  Not only is our goal to be integral and honest about where the food you are eating comes from, we also hope that you will enjoy your food at Deli Ohio so much that you continue to support these businesses as well.  Our goal is to have this list expand every month by a new supplier or two, and as it does we will keep you updated.  Feel free to check out our friends listed below: – We first met Hank and Jolie Fichter by becoming member of their CSA Program.  As we toured their farm and saw how wonderful and sustainable their approach to farming is, we knew that we wanted to source as much produce as we possibly could from them.  We have since been able to use various types of Romaine, Basil, Tomatoes, Wax Beans, Garlic, English Cucumbers, various types of Carrots, Rosemary, and many other products from them.  They have also generously given us beautiful flowers to place on our tables for our customers visual pleasure! – One day Phil Bartholomae, owner of Breezy Hill Farm, walked into Deli Ohio with a box full of beautiful Heirloom Tomatoes.  After a test kitchen run of some Heirloom Bruschetta we were hooked.  This of course meant we got to take another field trip upon which we got a wonderful tour of their beautiful farm.  Phil and Mindy have some of the best Heirloom Tomatoes as well as wonderful Celery, Kale, Leeks, and Hungarian Peppers; all of which we have used here at Deli Ohio.  Our daughter especially enjoyed meeting their chickens! – Sugar Valley Meats holds a very special place in our heart!  Growing up in Sugarcreek, a summer chore of mine involved walking down to the local butcher store to purchase meat for my parents.  I never seemed to leave there without buying a piece or two of Beef Jerky for myself.  Owner Reuben Erb has been more than a butcher to my family, he has also been a neighbor.  If you have never experienced their Smoked Turkey or Smoked Ham you are in for a real treat.  Along with that we get our Chicken and Pork Loin from them.  One taste of their meat and you will reconsider ever buying slimy deli meat at the grocery store again. – We first met the owners of Deeper Roots through our brother who opened Collective Espresso in Cincinnati Ohio.  As we visited them on roasting day, we could tell that they really knew what they were doing.  We have been honored to carry numerous roasts of theirs and always get excited on “New Coffee Day” as we call it. – Hein’is and Deli Ohio are a new relationship that we hope to blossom a bit more.  We have had the pleasure of using their Feta Cheese that is a recipe of a 4th Generation Family Cheese Maker in Israel, and Heini’s, a 3rd Generation Cheese Maker from Holmes County, is the only place in America making this cheese.  If you have not tried this Feta it will definitely blow your mind.  We get excited when we think about all the possibilities there are with this cheese, as well as all the possibilities with our relationship with Heini’s. – Cheddar Cheese and Baby Swiss are all the same, right?  Not exactly.  When we first had Middlefield Cheese we knew there was something special going on there.  We feature both of those cheeses on many sandwiches and we can not imagine what it would be like to go to another brand. – When we decided to open a Deli in Canton Ohio it was a no brainer regarding where we would source our bread from.  Unbeknown to Hazel Artisan Bakery, we were telling everyone that we knew that we would be sourcing our Bread from them.  Lucky for us, they agreed.  Hazel makes some of the best bread hands down.  We are so lucky to have bakers that know what they are doing right here in Cantons backyard.  Jim and Lonnie are extremely talented and have a passion for what they do, and it shows in each loaf of bread. – As a beer lover I was constantly on the lookout for a way to incorporate beer into our menu, then I found it.  For each slab of bacon that we slice, we take a bottle of Great Lakes Burning River Ale and let the bacon brine overnight in Beer!  Beer + Bacon…there is very little that gets my tummy so excited.  If you haven’t tried our bacon yet, we believe that it is some of the best and we are confident that using some of the best beer in Ohio is part of the reason.