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Where is the Red Corned Beef?

We have had several people ask us about our Corned Beef and it’s lack of redness.  Some assume that it is not Corned Beef since it is not red, some assume we are not using brisket and using roast beef instead, and some are just curious.  Well the truth is that none of the above are true.

We do in fact use brisket, great brisket!  We get this straight from our local butcher of choice, Sugar Valley Meats, as often as we can.  We make our custom Deli Ohio brine ourselves and patiently wait 5-7 days (depending on the size of the brisket) for the brine to work it’s magic.  It isn’t easy to wait for days, but it is absolutely worth it.  While Corned Beef has everything to do with the brine and nothing at all to do with corn (corning is an old term used to describe using salt to preserve an item), one ingredient that is common in many commercial corned beef’s but we choose to leave out is Pink Salt (Curing Salt, Prague powder #1, Prague powder #2, and many other names).  While some argue that this is necessary and some argue that it is not, we choose to leave it out in order to have a product that does not have added sodium nitrites.  This allows those with diet limitations or those who are perhaps conscious of what they eat to confidently know we aren’t adding unnecessary items.  The reason we do not need to add additional preservation is because once it is made… it is sold very quickly!

In no way do we want to play Doctor or Nutritionist.  We simply want to make products that every one can enjoy.  By creating a product that can appeal to more people and doing so in a way that does not change the flavor we are able to confidently serve those that have a hard time being served at big box restaurants due to the uncertainty of what is in their products.  When a customer orders a Reuben from Deli Ohio we can tell them that the Corned Beef is made in house and consists of Kosher Salt, Sugar, Pickling Spice, and Garlic and that paired with our Slaw and Russian (both made in house), Local Ohio Swiss Cheese, and Hazel Artisan Bakery Rye Bread.  We believe it is one of the freshest and finest Reuben Sandwiches in the area.  But don’t take our word for it, we would love for you to come in and taste for yourself!